How do Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings work?

You might love to snowboard, but before you actually go out there, you need to find the right rear entry snowboard binding for you. And that can be a difficult job, especially if you’re just starting out snowboarding.

A good way to find the right snowboard binding for you is to understand how one works.

Choosing the right set of bindings can seem unimportant in the beginning, but make no mistake they are essential to the entire snowboarding experience. They will affect your riding more than you think they will. There are a variety of bindings available each with its particular advantages and disadvantages.

For a beginner, almost all bindings may look the same however they are discreetly dissimilar and provide different functions. Binding technology has come a long way indeed and can make a very big difference in how you control and hold your board. Strap-ins is the most common kind of binding used, however, in recent times rear entry has gained a lot of popularity too. Also known as Speed energy bindings, they help you to experience snowboarding in a whole new way.

Rear Entry Bindings

Rear Entry is often also referred to as Flow because it was the originator of this kind of binding. They may also be called by some as Speed Entry Bindings. The beauty of a rear entry binding is that it combines the best of both worlds – the control that the strap-in offers and the ease of use that is typically associated with step-ins. Other companies have followed the lead of Flow to make and market this collaboration of sorts.

Just glancing at a rear entry binding, you won’t find it looking much different from a strap-in. Once you inspect it, you see that there are subtle design changes. The first thing that comes to notice is that there is only one strap across the frame. This strap is large, and can also be in the form of a webbing of net. The function of this strap is to hold your boot in the right place. Simultaneously it also gives you control where and when you need it.

How to use it?

To get into a rear entry binding is simple – all you have to do is follow these three simple steps.

1. First, carefully fold down the highback part.

2. Next, adjust your foot into the webbing as feels comfortable. Remember the position should be such that the strap is able to hold your boot in place without too much extra room, because this position provides you control when you snowboard.

3. Finally, firmly close the highback behind your boot.

That is all. You are now ready to snowboard. Just ensure you’re comfortable wearing the binding because this is one of the main things that will support you during snowboarding.

How do you know which one is the right one for you? Each kind of binding comes with its specific advantages and disadvantages, and so is the case with rear entry bindings.

Why love it?

1. Control that you need

If you’re going for snowboarding, you would know just how important control is. And he first advantage that a rear entry strap offers is complete control.

As a snowboarder, this is a crucial measure while deciding which kind of binding to use. Rear entry binding provides complete control from the foot that is inside the webbing or the strap. The foot should be snugly fit and comfortable for this to happen, of course.

2. You Would Love Wearing It

There are some things that you may not like wearing. However, if you find the right snowboard binding, you’re sure to love it. once you get used to a rear entry binding, it is extremely easy to use.

However the drawback is that if you are used to strap-ins, you will find rear entry bindings not as easy to adjust. This could lead to trouble for beginners who may have issues setting up their gear. But this problem is overcome with time.

3. Offers you the protection you need

The rear entry bindings offer great cushion and support while you are snowboarding, and also help you to speed things up. There is a hinged back that offers quick access in an out, and you can speed up quite easily. It takes only a little time to step into the bindings a reason these are preferred by many comfort oriented riders.

Snowboard bindings help improve your overall snowboard experience. It is important that you choose one that suits your riding style. If you love speed and comfort, a rear entry snowboarding binding is the one for you.

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