The 5 Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Snowboard bindings are more than one variety. But besides that, there are numerous products on the market, so much so that reaching a decision can be hard. That is why we are providing this comprehensive and well-researched guide so that you can make a smart decision. In this article, we are giving you 5 best rear entry snowboard bindings 2016-2017. Their features and advantages are mentioned in detail so that you can decide which one to buy based on your preference.

Review of the Best Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017

Buying it is quite an investment. As such, you need to know about the best products on the market. Here are the top 5 rear entry snowboard bindings.

PictureProductOur Rating
Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings Mens4.5/5
K2 Cinch Tryst Womens Snowboard Bindings 20165/5
Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Binding5/5
Gnu 2016 Mutant Men’s Snowboard Bindings5/5
Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings 20165/5

1. Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings Mens

The Flow NX2 Hybrid Snowboard Bindings is designed especially for men. If you want a product which allows you to have a stellar performance every time you step onto an ice field, then this is the best product for you. The product is special because it comes with a Nylon ModBack which contains glass.

This results in better flexibility and performance as it snaps easily behind your back. The strap is special as well because it is ingrained with the Active Strap Technology. This snaps tightly yet comfortably around your feet. This is not so tight so as to cause any pain but allows for better control and maneuverability.

On either side of the BandBed base plate, you have the ATM .8 support panels. These are quite strong and hold up the upper parts of the snowboard binding. This product comes in two different types, or rather with slightly different features. In one version you get the Fusion Power Strap, and in the other you get the Hybrid Power Cap Strap. Either way, you get a lot of benefits.

The base plate is made of Rockered Aluminum Alloy. This is tough against the elements yet comfortable for your feet. The buckles are reliable as they are of the Locking Slap Ratchets. Fastening or locking them is a piece of cake and does not take much time.

2. K2 Cinch Tryst Womens Snowboard Bindings 2016

The K2 Cinch Tryst Womens Snowboard Bindings 2016 is made keeping in mind the special requirements and needs of women. These are made stylish with the latest trendy designs. The product is available in attractive color themes such as Black and Blue.

The best feature of the product is the Cinch trade technology. This technology won’t be seen physically, but its effects shall be felt all the time, providing you with much-needed support, balance, and control.

The technology forces the side rails to lean forward and the high back to lean backward, which in turn makes wearing or strapping in the snowboard bindings very easy. With this fantastic technology, it is as easy as stepping into a shoe or boot.

One of the major problems with this kind of product is the system tends to be heavy. But with this particular product, you do not have to worry about anything. This is because the base place is of the C2 variety, which gives stability and protection, but reduces the overall weight to a great extent.

If speed is something you love, give this product a try. In addition to this, the underfoot is characterized by canted surfaces aids stability during wide stances.

During snowboarding and skiing, people have to worry about one thing constantly: vibration. As you speed up over surfaces or on slopes, the snowboard starts to vibrate.

The better equipped a snowboard binding is to reduce vibrations, the better your performance and safer you shall be. This is one of those products as it contains a Harshmellow trade insert for vibration absorption.

The high back comes with EVA padding for adding comfort to the feet. This also absorbs vibration to some degree. Additionally, the padding absorbs impact as well. It is of the Cinch Trade Peaceback variety which is rigid but offers good protection.

The K2 Cinch trade Tryst Snowboard Binding comes with Canted footbed and custom Caddi Ankle strap. The foot bed makes placement of your feet very comfortable while the strap provides extra padding, security, and comfort. The strap is also important as it protects the vital pressure points of your feet.

3. Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Binding

The Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Binding is a medium priced product which gives above average performance. It is made of nylon, has medium flexibility, and has awesome features such as the 2.5 degrees canted bank bed base plate, adjustable straps, locking slap ratchet and a glass filled nylon Mod Back high back, whose strap has Active Strap Technology.

Let us go into details now to see how the product can really benefit you. The product is perfect for those who want to move faster and fly higher. It is for those who love the thrill of a race but want safety and security as well. As such, this is ideal for the experienced snowboarders.

The bindings come with flexible cushioning so as to make your feet comfortable for the longest period of time. The glass filled nylon Modback high back offers a great deal of protection.

For more protection and security while you are enjoying the sport, it has the Active Strap Technology. It is easy and quick to strap into, which is further augmented by the presence of Fusion Power Strap.

Just pick up the strap and drop it comfortably over the band. It will not let you down while on the run. This unique strapping technology also allows you to strap conveniently faster than anyone!

While snowboarding, snow does get onto the bindings. At times, it creates dampness and causes you to slip slightly on the foot bed even though the strap has you tightly over the boots. But in the case of the Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Binding, this does not take place. This is because it comes with 2.5 degree canted bank beds which offer a great deal of control and comfort.

4. Gnu 2016 Mutant Men’s Snowboard Bindings

Want to make a visual impact on the turf and make all heads turn? Then the Gnu 2016 Mutant Men’s Snowboard Bindings is the pair you should get. Although its color is not its best feature, it is bright red and therefore very showing. So if you want to show off during your performances on the field, then you should certainly get this product! Apart from style, the pair of snowboard bindings also offers you many practical benefits.

The pair is characterized by a protective and reliable FT-2 Lightweight base plate made of aluminum, the FT-4 Asym Highback which is high enough to cushion and shield your ankle area effectively, professional quality EVA footpad which easily absorbs vibration.

This special footpad is also useful for equal pressure distribution over the footbed. Since it offers you unmatched comfort, you can wear the bindings for a considerable period of time without feeling fatigue. This is also highly useful and it saves you from getting unbalanced while on the move. The feature is really fantastic and its absence can spell the difference between a fall and a successful run.

Its straps are completely adjustable so you can make it as light or tight as you want. Therefore making adjustments while on the go is quite easy. The base plate has an easy access cover included which protects it from the accumulation of ice.

The surface area of the Comprex Grip Straps Oversized is larger than normal, which does not put un-required pressure on the feet but offers additional control and stability. There are two more benefits. Due to the large surface area of the straps, these are less likely to come off.

Once you strap these on, they shall stay that way until you take them off. Secondly, its ingrained compression lets the strap remain flexible under considerable pressure. The second strap conforms to the contour of the feet and allows you to remain in control at all times.

Now let us come to the nature of the high back. As you may know, the high back is an integral part of all snowboard bindings. This is because it offers both support and protection to your ankles. It is designed by Asym. The highbacks of Asym is implemented in most bindings due to their superior quality.

This is design to let you take split second decisions and sharp turns with the greatest of ease. The shape of the highback is special as well because it covers the entire back part of your feet and protects its vital parts like the ankle area.

5. Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings 2016

The Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings 2016 comes packed with a host of exciting features. It is available in two color combinations: Black-Red and Grassland, which is bright fluorescent green. Now let us see how is so good about this product apart from its attractive appearance.

Overall, it provides superior protection and stability for an in-control performance.

Its Single-Component Canted Highback adjusts itself according to the contours of your legs. This provides a great deal of support, protection and comfort.

The Living Hinge makes leaning forward to gain speed easier, and also allows the highback to rotate slightly to adjust itself. The strap is the LushStrap variation, which is special because it provides superb comfort.

Towards the tip of the product, we have the Primo Capstrap which snaps easily around your toes and offers support and safety. On the footbed, it has a FullBed Cushioning system which keeps your feet from getting fatigued from standing up all the time. The Smooth glide buckles allow you to wear and release the ratchet faster than your friends can!

What are Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings?

It is no secret that the first rear entry snowboard bindings were manufactured by the company named Flow. The rear entry system is actually a hybrid. It is a cross between the strap in footwear and step-in shoes.

They combined this because the step-in items offer much-needed comfort and ease of use, while the strap-ons offer a great degree of control. From a distance, a FLO back entry snowboard bindings look like a common strap-ins.

However, if you look closely you will see that there is actually one large strap made of reliable and strong webbings. This webbing extends across a frame.

The strap itself is one of the most important parts or sections of the overall product because It provides control, balance and helps to build up speed.

The strap holds your feet firmly against the base plate. Wearing the Rear entry snowboarding bindings is quite easy as all you need to do is slide your feet in by dragging the high-back behind, secure the strap and close high-back.

The only thing you need to ensure is that the webbing is tight over your feet. There are however some basic drawbacks in the rear entry models. Firstly, these are hard to adjust once strapped in.

Secondly, adjusting your foot in the middle of a flight over a snowfield is harder. The thing about FLOW models is that their use widespread. Here are 5 of the best models currently on the market.

Rear Entry Snowboard Bindings Pros and Cons

These are the kind of products that you can either love or hate them, but you cannot ignore them. Here are its advantages and disadvantages in greater detail. Rear Entry snowboard bindings are such products. Below given are its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Wearing these items is faster and easier. All you need to do is to slide your foot down after pushing the highback out of the way. As such, wearing or strapping these may be easier to other models.
  • The webbings are specially made to provide pressure uniformly throughout the feet. This, therefore, does not put much pressure on the back of your feet since its weight is evenly balanced.
  • While you cannot adjust it while on the go, you can adjust your feet easily in another way. All; you need to do is to lift the high back and adjust the feet or place them wherever you want.


  • Problems start when there is solidified ice or snow on the base plate. If this happens, it is hard to wear the bindings or slide your foot in unless you clean it first. This problem does not occur in other models due the shape and general material of the base plate.
  • While using the FLO rear entry models it can be harder to get in places where the snow powder is deep. The models work best when the ground is harder and more stable.
  • Making adjustments while on the go is quite hard and next to impossible.
  • Rear entry snowboard bindings are heavier than other models and therefore may be cumbersome and awkward.
  • Due the size and the type of model, it is not very responsive. This is a huge disadvantage because in snowboarding you may need to make crisp turns and fast changes in direction.
  • Rear entry snowboard binding’s forward lean adjustment is limited while the high backs cannot be rotated at all.

Rear Entry vs Traditional Snowboard Bindings

Traditional snowboard bindings are also called two-strap because these have two straps which you need to tie over your feet before getting started. Compared to this, the obvious difference in rear entry snowboard bindings is that in these you enter the feet from the top-back, or rather from the rear.

The name comes from this. As you know, rear entry bindings are also called FLO bindings, referring to the popular line of products from FLO.

Although FLO models are popular, they do not have the entire market. Most of the products of the market currently are the traditional kind. These have a toe strap and an ankle strap.

These also come with rotatable disc plate for grounding the binding firmly to the board and the highback which is easily adjustable. Now let us find out the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Two strap snowboard bindings


  • Two strap models are the most popular kind. This translates to the fact that you shall find more items of this kind.
  • This offers you the maximum amount of control. Therefore, if you are looking for security or safety while enjoying the sport, then this may be ideal for you.
  • Two strap models can be adjusted more easily. This means that one model can deal with different size shoes.
  • Since these products are so popular and easily available, you can also get spare parts or get the entire thing repaired in case they get damaged. For instance, if the highback alone gets damaged, it can be replaced more easily.


  • Wearing these is slower than the rear entry models because in this case there are two straps to fasten. This takes comparatively room. In the case of rear entry models, you only have to strap one ratchet strap tightly.
  • While experienced riders can strap the models standing up, beginners need to sit down to do the same. This is not the case with the rear entry models.
  • There are two straps which work on different pressure points. Unless these are adjusted or placed properly, they can give rise to pain in the foot.

Rear Entry Models


  • Strapping and undoing the strap is easier. All you need to do is to fasten the main ratchet strap and you’re good to go! You can strap products of this model even if you are standing up. Can’t wait to get on the ice? No problem! You will get there before your friends even touch their boots.
  • The strap is made especially wide and as such the pressure it gives it spread wide enough. This does not cause strain or pain.
  • This ideal for teaching your kids snowboarding


  • There are not many products of this kind when compared to the two strap models.
  • If you want to make the strap to exactly fit, then you may be trying at it for days.
  • The strap is made of webbing. There are advantages of this as this is firm yet soft. The pressure it gives is not much, yet it holds firm. However, the problem here is that webbing stretches over time.
  • You’ll find it harder to find replacement parts or repairing centers.


In this article, you have seen some of the best rear entry snowboard bindings 2016-2017 on the market. You have also seen why there are better than other varieties or models. These products are very useful if you want to enjoy the sport well, but these do not come cheap. If you want to make a smart investment, then this guide is perfect for you.

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