Best Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Snowboard bindings are an important link between your feet and the snowboard. They are the connection of your body to the board and therefore you need this connection to be as strong and as comfortable as possible. Our guide includes a detailed analysis of these types and how to choose the best snowboard bindings 2016-2017 for you.

Depending on your riding style, the terrain you wish to ride on, your skill and ability level, these bindings are available in a variety of designs and constructions.

We start off by providing you with the top 10 bindings that have received much love and appreciation from athletes around the world.

Top 10 Best Snowboard Bindings 2016-2017 with Reviews

Here is a list of the Top 10 best rated snowboard bindings on the market that will guide you in choosing the best one for yourself!

PictureProductOur Rating
Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings 20164/5
Flow NX2 Bindings - 2016 - black, medium4.5/5
Union Force Snowboard Bindings Mens5/5
Rome Targa 2016 Snowboard Bindings5/5
NOW Snowboarding IPO Snowboard Binding4.5/5
Gnu 2016 Mutant Snowboard Bindings-Black-Large5/5
K2 Cinch Tryst Womens Snowboard Bindings 20164.5/5
Flux Tt Snowboard Bindings (Men's 2016)4.5/5
Flow Alpha Snowboard Bindings 20164.5/5
Ride Men's EX Snowboard Bindings 20165/5

1. Burton Cartel Snowboard Bindings 2016

Cartel snowboard bindings from Burton are packed with top-notch features and are recommended for male riders who love All Mountain Freestyle.

We start off by analyzing the features at the base of this snowboard. It has a single-component baseplate that is made up of 30% Short Glass and Nylon Composite which renders this binding extremely light in weight.

The baseplate further includes Re: Flex AutoCANTFullBED Cushioning System with B3 Gel. This trademark footbed is fully cushioned for a comfortable position of the foot.

To reduce the vibration and withstand extreme temperature, B3 Gel is injected in the footbed. To further dampen the impact, Dampening Pad is placed under the baseplate.

To secure your feet, Cartel bindings use Reactstrap and GettagripCapstrap for extra support and exceptional grip. To ease the process of stepping in and out of the binding, Flex Slider is used. Thanks to the Dual-Component Smooth Glide buckles, you are able to achieve a tight fit with minimal effort.

In order to adjust your forward lean and give you better control over the board, the snowboard includes Single-Component Canted Living Hinge Zero-Lean Hi-Back with DialFLAD. This highback gives a nice and comfortable contour to your feet!

As far as the flex, skill and binding padding are concerned, Cartel is a stiff binding that requires advanced-intermediate skill level and offers performance for aggressive riders.

This model is available in small, medium and large sizes. It is black in color.

Pros: Comfortable, Light in Weight, Great Construction, Easy Entry and Exit

2. Flow NX2 Bindings – 2016 – black, medium

For all the male riders out there, if you are looking for the best all mountain snowboard bindings using for your snowboard then NX2 bindings from Flow is the one for you.

These bindings have an Aluminum Alloy Rockered Baseplate that maintains flex yet gives amazing results without the loss of efficiency or energy.

It has a full-length EVA dual density footbed known as BankBedswith OC-Kush base and heel pad.

Your feet stay fixed within the binding, thanks to its 3D shapedFusion PowerStrap that features Active Strap Technology for super support, comfort and cushioning.

The Locking Slap Ratchet – LSR buckles offer greater ease of getting in and out of the bindings.

Its two-piece Glass-Filled Nylon Mod-Back combined with its ATM.8 Support Panel is light in weight and is separated into upper and lower zones. The lower zone offers power, control and the upper zone enhances flex.

The flex rating on these bindings is from medium to the stiffer side with padding that offers performance. These are ideal for riders with ability ranging from intermediate to advance.

You can purchase these bindings in medium to XL sizes. It has a variety of colorways for you to choose from.

Pros – Comfortable, Light in Weight

3. Union Force Snowboard Bindings Mens

These Union force snowboard bindings are the choice of those riders who love all-mountain, freeride riding style. 11 years in the business and these bindings still stay at the top. It is one of the best freeride snowboard bindings on the market.

It has a Stage 4 Duraflex ST (nylon fiberglass blend) stiff base that is injected with bushings which render this binding comfortable and offer high-performance.

At this baseplate you will also find a Multi-Density Thermoformed EVA cushioning that provides premium shock-absorption.

It features a multi-layer composite SonicFused Ankle Strap with Magnesium Buckles. The straps give extra durability and reduced weight.

It also minimizes pressure on your feet. The buckles are four-times stronger than aluminum ones and only half the weight.

Force bindings include Force MultizoneHighback which provides ample support as well as flex to the binding. It also has a 3D heel cup that optimizes heel hold.

If you have Intermediate-Advanced ability of snowboarding and you are looking for bindings with medium flex then these bindings are the one that you need. Additionally, in order to adjust the bindings for use in different terrains you don’t need any tools; you can simply flip the levers for quick adjustment.

You have a variety of size and color options.

Pros – Great Construction, Comfortable, Light in Weight, Highly Recommended by Riders!

4. Rome Targa 2016 Snowboard Bindings

Some of the famous riders including the Norwegian rider Stale Sandbech and Bjorn Leines use Rome Targa to cruise those high rise mountains! The power and adjustability on these bindings is truly unmatched.

Its V-Rod Baseplate is, as the name suggests, a v-shaped baseplate that includes a rod which offers greater flex, power and pop.

The EVA and D30V-Rod SubBase Pad provide ample cushioning under the baseplate to reduce vibrations to the minimum.

Its Yes, I Can’t binding foot bed allows for smooth adjustability with its 0-degree,2-degrees and 3.5-degrees.

For a better grip and easy entry/exit, these bindings include AutoStrap Technology. Its ContourLight Ankle Strap and ConformGrip Toe Strap both give greater control and support.

For easy customization of these straps and a perfect fit, Multiple Strap Positions and Quick Adjust for Strap Length are added.

Its AntiShockHighback has a built-in suspension system that reduces vibration. Full Highback Rotation allows for easy adjustment of the highback position ranging from 0 degrees to 24 degrees. The Tool-Free Highback Forward Lean Adjuster helps you maintain and control your forward lean.

If you are more into freeriding then you can use the UnderWrap.3 Heel Hoop for end to end power. These bindings are for riders with Advanced-Expert ability level and they also have a stiff flex rating.

They have black and bone color option and 2 size options – s/m or l/xl.

Pros – light weight, great fit, comfortable

5. NOW Snowboarding IPO Snowboard Binding

NOW IPO is their award winning snowboard binding. If All-Mountain riding is your thing then these bindings are surely for you.

Like many other bindings, IPO also features NOW’s famous Skate-Tech that reduces foot fatigue and offers excellent energy transfer.

This binding has a 30% glass-filled Nylon hanger chassis at the base which gives it uninterrupted board flex.

Dual injection, quick-snap Bushings work as a dampening system and are available in medium size. It has an additional kingpin for better energy transfer.

Nylon 4×4 mounting ring gives is light yet strong and offers softer lateral flex.

IPO features NOW’s amazing Sieva Straps. These single-injected EVASieva ankle strap with nylon webbing and Hyperfuse construction are the ultimate thing. They are not only strong and comfortable but are durable as well. Its 3D Minimal Toe Straps and Buckles 2.0 offer easy entry and exit for the feet.

These bindings feature FreewingHighback with Flushcup technology and Highcup compatibility. This highback is 15mm higher than original Flex Hinge highback which makes it more flexible.

Athletes like Devun Walsh, JP Solberg, Frank Bourgeois with Intermediate-Advanced ability level use these bindings. They have a medium flex with a flex rating of 6.

They are available in small and medium sizes and in 3 different colors – black, white and blue.

Pros – light weight, comfortable, easy installation, great construction

6. Gnu 2016 Mutant Men’s Snowboard Bindings

For all you all-mountain freestyle riders out there who want to experience a variety of terrains, Gnu 2016 Mutant Men’s Snowboard Bindings are the thing. They are made to fulfill the aggressive rider within you!

These bindings have an ultra-light hyper cored 6061 aluminum baseplate with a Triple Dampening Wrap that is added to the footbed.

This wrap drastically dampens vibrations and works as a shock absorber.

They have a rear-entry design with Comprex Ankle and Comprex Grip Toe Strap.

These straps provide maximum energy transfer and support. For a better fit and adjustability of your feet, Micro Buckle, Auto Lever and Cable Redirection are used.

Its FT-4 AsymHighback gives extra support and comfort. This Reclining Highback is inward slanting creating great ergonomic support.

Gnu Mutant bindings are stiff with a flex rating of 8. These are suitable for athletes with advanced-expert ability level. They are made in USA.

Pros – comfortable with great support

7. K2 Cinch Tryst Womens Snowboard Bindings 2016

For all the ladies out there who wish to cruise in the mountains, K2 Cinch Tryst Women’s Snowboard Bindings are the thing. You simply have to lift the highback for easy entry and exit!

Starting from the base, these bindings have Women’s Cinch C2 Chassis that is light in weight and includes nylon baseplate heel cup for extra support and comfort.

Harshmellow Footbed with Power Ramp offers easy access and absorbs shocks.  The footbed is canted that aligns your ankles knees and hips to give a comfortable fit.

The Women’s Caddi Ankle Strap, Universal Toe Strap and Cam Lock Center Adjustment offer a secure fit, flex and easy adjustment.

The HellaRADchet composite buckles are basically large release levers that allow for an easy entry.

These bindings have Women’s Cinch Peaceback which gives better heel-side response and forgiving side-to-side flexibility. Its thermo-formed EVA calf pad provides better performance and comfort to women’s calf.

If you have an advanced-expert snowboard riding ability then these bindings are best for you. They have a medium flex (5 flex rating) for comfortable and responsive riding. You can purchase these bindings in black and blue color.

Pros –Easy entry and Exit, Comfortable with Ultimate flex

8. Flux Tt Snowboard Bindings (Men’s 2016)

Athletes like Alex Hereford and Tom Reilly use Flux TT snowboard bindings. These bindings will help you fulfill all your snowboard riding needs from powder riding to Freestyle Park riding.

These bindings have a nylon and fiberglassPerformance Blend baseplate with a rigid genetic base. The flat single densityfootbed absorbs shocks and maximizes support. Its Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion provides a better foot.

To keep your feet secure, F.T.M Versa (toe strap) and F-Tech 3D Fit Strap feature in these bindings. Its UU Fit technology gives a natural feel and hold. Its Alpha Ratchet Buckles are light in weight and are frozen finger friendly.

TT comes with all-mountain lightweight alpha highback which is made out of Super Tough Nylon that offers medium stiffness. Soft Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Hybrid Cushion works as a shock absorber and maximizes support.

These bindings are with medium flex and are suitable for riders with Intermediate-Advanced ability level. They have a strap binding style.

TT is sold in a variety of attractive matte and metallic colors. Their size ranges from small to large.

Pros – User friendly, adjustable, comfortable and easy entry exit

9. Flow Alpha Snowboard Bindings 2016

We had to include another amazing binding from Flow in our list of the top 10 snowboard bindings. These are their Alpha bindings that are best used for freestyle riding.

These bindings have Molded Composite Rockered baseplate with Full-EVA Toe & Heel Inserts which helps in transmitting energy without loss of efficiency. The rockered corners offer even flex.

Your feet have greater ankle support thanks to Exo-Fit PowerStrap that is an exoskeleton support frames with 3D shaped EVA.

To secure your feet Mini-Ratchets with lightweight Airframe lever are added to the PowerStrap.

Alpha features a Lightweight 1-pieceMolded Composite Uni-Back with Comfortable EVA pads.

This highback provides easy SpeedEntry& Exit. It also includes CombiDisk – 4HP + 3HP.

If you have just started freestyle snowboarding then these bindings are best for you as they are made for riders with Beginner-Intermediate ability level. They have a soft, loose and easy flex. These bindings come in a rear entry binding style.

Pros – Comfortable, Flexible with Easy Installation

10. Ride Men’s EX Snowboard Bindings 2016

Finally, our list of the top 10 snowboard bindings ends with this masterpiece from Ride. EX is a humble looking snowboard binding which can be used for all mountain riding.

At the base, there is a 100% aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloyEdge Chassis System that calls for easy adjustment and greater durability.

The EVA Basepad works as a shock absorber and its Wedgie Footbed offers a natural position.

Its RAD Ankle Straps are all about comfort and performance. The convertibleThinGrip Toe Strap is light in weight and provides super grip.

The straps include AstroGlyde OG Ratchets that are made from aluminum which makes them long lasting and offers a sleek look.

EX bindings have a ComfortFlexHighback that has cupped shaping with wider built. It also has a top-flex that is soft and that offers greater support.

This binding is one of the best snowboard bindings for beginners with Beginner-Intermediate ability level. They have a medium flex with a 4 flex rating which renders them towards the softer side.

EX has a strap binding style and is sold in black, green and orange color. Its size ranges from medium to extra-large.

Pros – Comfortable, Soft and User Friendly

Now that you know the top 10 guns that are competing for the top most position in the market for 2016, we move towards highlighting the top snowboard binding manufacturers.

Top 6 Best Snowboard Binding Brands

There is a chance that you might as well end up shopping for your favorite snowboard bindings in your local store. There you see these large varieties of local and international snowboard binding brands that you are unfamiliar with.

Don’t worry we have you covered here! Here is a list of the Top 6 snowboard binding brands that you need to look for.


At number 1 is Burton, a USA based company started in 1977. They started off with manufacturing snowboards with simple bindings. Now they specialized in a variety of snowboarding equipment for men, women and kids. The company is known for building the world’s first snowboard factory.

Each year Burton invests a huge amount in R&D to bring out innovative and latest snowboard technologies for their riders. Cartel Snowboard Bindings are amongst the most highly recommended bindings manufactured by Burton.


Since 1996, Flow Snowboarding is providing its riders with top quality snowboards and its equipment. From boards to bindings to boots, Flow takes pride in manufacturing all the essential riding accessories.

Their latest KUSH CONTROL TECHNOLOGY has gained much popularity. Under this technology, 3 unique urethane features strategically placed in the base, sidewall and topsheet of the snowboard to create the smoothest and strongest snowboards available on the hill.

Flow is confident about the quality of its snowboards and therefore it offers a 4 Year Per4mance Guarantee. Their NX2 bindings are one of their star products.


Union binding company was established in 2005, since then they have dedicated themselves to crafting some of the most innovative, comfortable and promising snowboard bindings.

The quality and performance of Union bindings have soared up thanks to their ‘Extruded Aluminum’, ‘Injected Magnesium’ and ‘Meta Fuse Nano Technology’.

You will find the highest-quality DupontTMZytel ST Nylon injected in Union bindings due to which Union takes pride.

Union’s 2015/16 technology portfolio includes 100% focus, duraflex/trueflex and forged carbon features. Their latest Force Snowboard Bindings for Men are amongst the top 10 snowboard bindings available in the market.


Since 2001, Rome snowboard co has revolutionized the world of snowboards and its accessories. As a company they believe in more than manufacturing the equipment rather they know the feel and the factors that matter in snowboarding. They believe in engaging with riders from all around the world.

As far as their bindings are concerned, they are just top-notch. They have all these amazing features and technologies that give you an edge over others. For them when it comes to bindings, customization, flex and pop, and connected comfort matters.

PIVOTMOUNT STRAP TECHNOLOGY, CANT-IN-THE-BACK TECHNOLOGY YES, I CANT TECHNOLOGY and KATANA ASYM HIGHBACK are the highlight for the company’s bindings. They produce some of the best fitting straps whichup their game. Rome Targa 2016 Snowboard Bindings are their most popular bindings.


In 1994, K2 sports company set up a new factory that produced snowboards. Since then, K2’s snowboards have gained much fame. They are considered one of the top 6 snowboard manufacturers in the US.

Today, K2 specializes in a large variety of snowboard merchandise for men, women and youth. They produce snowboard and bindings for almost every riding style. K2 Cinch Tryst Women’s Snowboard Bindings are quite famous amongst women.


Finally, Flux Bindings Company is one of the top snowboard binding brands that have invested a lot of time and money in manufacturing some of the most innovative bindings found in the market.

The super blend baseplate, hybrid footbed, FTM Versa, UU fit, L- Guides are some of the key construction features and technologies that Flux bindings have. These attributes make Flux bindings the promised ones. Their RK and TT bindings have gained much popularity over the years.

In the next section we talk about the types of Snowboard Bindings commonly found in the market.

Snowboard Bindings Types

Looks can be deceiving – although almost all of the snowboard looks similar yet they have different types. 4 of these snowboard binding types are explained below.

Traditional bindings with 2 straps

These traditional bindings are further divided into two kinds – Strap and Speed-Entry Bindings.

Strap bindings, as the name suggests, includes straps which help in securing your feet and providing a comfortable fit and greater support with a variety of adjustment options. The highback in such strap bindings are immovable. These bindings have ample cushioning. You might consider Buckling and unbuckling as a laborious task.

Speed-Entry bindings also known as rear entry bindings, includes a hinged high back that drops down through which your feet enter and exit the binding. These offer much easier in-and-out access. If you are a casual rider who are looking for comfort and timesaving then these speed-entry bindings are the one for you!

Flow bindings

Flow bindings are just like the traditional bindings but with some modifications that are done by the Flow Company. Since 1996, the company believes in providing comfortable, performing and convenient bindings.

Flow’s bindings allow for Speed rear entry via highback which makes these bindings light in weight and gives it quick access. These flow bindings are a combination of latest technologies, all packed together to give you the most comfortable bindings ever.

They have three core technologies – reclining highback, power triangle cable and powerstrap. In addition to these technologies, their Active Strap Technology (N.A.S.T.Y.) helps in lifting up and tightening the highback.

Step-In bindings

As these bindings are not produced by manufacturers today, we will not talk much about them. The general concept of step-in bindings was time saving.

You just had to click your boots with these bindings and you were ready to go. But they were dangerous and had a chance of opening up while riding.

Bindings for Hard Boots

For hard boots, unlike traditional bindings with highbacks, these bindings use a toe and heel bail that interfaces with the boot providing a solid connection to each other. What feel does these binding give? They are extremely comfortable and light in weight.

Each of the snowboard binding types mentioned above has their pros and cons. which one is the best one for you depend on your riding style and your preference.

From our experience and knowledge, to be on the safe side whenever you are in doubt, we suggest you to go for traditional or flow bindings. These will never disappoint you and will fulfill all your riding needs!

Type of riding

There are basically 4 types of riding stylesFreestyle, All-Mountain, Freeride and Powder. You can choose the best snowboard binding for yourself according to the riding style that you have. Here is a little info about each one of these styles.


If you have freestyle or also known as a park riding style then you basically prefer riding in parks where you try jumps, spins, and tricks like half-pipe and rails.

Freestyle riding is basically characterized into jibbing (use of rails, tables, trees, etc. as obstacles), jumps and pipe riding (with concentration on the airtime and speed).

Bindings most suitable for this style have soft flex with greater adjustability options as you are looking for tweaking and you try maneuvering your rides.


An All-Mountain riding style is basically a mixture of everything – you wish to do jumps, powder, park style etc. You prefer to ride on a variety of terrains.

Depending upon your skill level, you can either choose a binding with soft to medium flex for any regular style or stiff flex for racers.


Freeride riding involves cruising deep and steep into the backcountry terrain. You look for speed, power and greater energy transfer.

As a freerider your aim is to explore new terrain. You prefer hiking and finding open areas in the mountains. You should go for stiffer flex rating of the bindings in order to get the maximum performance out of them.


Powder riding style requires you to snowboard on days with a lot of powder. You usually place your bindings towards the tail of your snowboard in order to put more weight on your back foot and keep the nose high.

Medium to stiffer flex bindings are suitable for powder riding. This gives you greater control, maneuverability and performance.

Now that you know the different kinds of riding styles that exist out there and the bindings most suitable according to your style, you need to start off by defining your riding style in order to make the most out of your snowboard.

You might get confused that you don’t fit into one category and that you are good in two of them, and then it’s alright you can look for such bindings that fulfill more than one style.

What is the men’s snowboard binding?

Snowboard bindings are available for men, women and kids. They usually have similar technologies and construction.

Men’s snowboard bindings are manufactured by top brands including Burton, Flow, Union, Rome, K2 Cinch and Flux. From expensive hi-end stiffer bindings to affordable soft bindings, all can be easily purchased for men.

These bindings are usually made out of harder and stronger material for men’s feet. You need to carefully look at the size chart before choosing bindings for your snowboard.

What is the women’s snowboard binding?

Like men’s snowboard bindings, women’s snowboard bindings are all about comfort support and flex. All the famous brands manufacture bindings for women as well.

Women bindings come for all types of riders including those who have beginner, freestyle, all-mountain and freeride riding styles.

Remember that sizing for women bindings is quite different from those for men. So make sure that you checked the size chart properly before purchasing your snowboard bindings.

How to install Snowboard Binding?

Installing snowboard bindings isn’t all that difficult. There are just a few factors that you need to keep in mind in order to make a secure connection between your bindings and the snowboard.

Check whether your boot is compatible with your binding that is make sure your bindings are the right fit. Bindings come with a variety of discs, bolts and baseplates, check that the binding is compatible with the board. You can take help from the mounting patterns given on snowboards.

Decide which foot will be in the front or your lead foot and which will be the rear one. This decision will also help in determining your stance, whether it is regular or goofy style. You have a goofy stance if your right foot leads!

Make sure you attach the left and right binding at their right place. Also pick the right stance width so that your feet do not feel pressurized or uncomfortable.

Finally, remember to keep your necessary mounting/ installation tools with you in order to avoid any hassle!

A brief step-wise installation guide is given below.

  • 1. Define your stance – is it goofy or regular?
  • 2. Choose your stance width
  • 3. Do not forget your binding angle
  • 4. Place the binding on the board
  • 5. Use proper/compatible inserts
  • 6. Tighten the screw properly
  • 7. Adjust your forward lean, strap your boots and you are ready to go!

How to Choose Snowboard Bindings?

Now that we have provided you with the top 10 best snowboard bindings in the market, top brands, their types and styles, we now wish to highlight the important factors that you need to keep in mind before choosing the snowboard bindings for yourself.

There are mainly 7 important features that you must keep in mind. Given below is a detail description about each one of them.

1. Match your riding type

The first and foremost step in selecting a snowboard binding is to match your riding style with the bindings that you are looking for. If you choose and love a certain type of bindings and later find out that they are not compatible with your riding style, then you surely will get upset.

In order to avoid all the confusion and hassle, we would like to point out some of the bindings suitable for some riding styles.

All-mountain, freestyle, freeride and powder are the basic riding styles.

2. Size and Fit with snowboard

You would want your boot to securely fit in the bindings and the bindings to securely stay at the snowboard. For all these things to work in sync, checking your size and making sure that it is a proper fit beforehand is an important step.

The sizing in which bindings are sold are normally quite confusing and are of the kind – small, medium, large and extra-large. In order to avoid confusion, always refer to the sizing chart or guide given by the manufacturer.

You want just the right fit, not too loose not too tight. A good way is to put your boot inside the bindings and check how it feels.

3. Flexibility

Sometimes ignored, flex rating or flexibility of snowboard bindings plays an important role. Flexibility is determined by the flex rating provided by the manufacturers, usually on the scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the softest and 10 being the stiffest.

Stiff flex is for freeride or mountain riders whereas soft flex is for ridings who like cruising in the park. For all mountain riders, medium flex bindings are the most suitable ones.

4. Materials

The materials used in the construction of snowboard bindings determine the quality and durability of the bindings.

Aluminum bindings are made up of aluminum baseplate that is durable, light in weight and stiff as well. High end bindings usually have composite baseplate that is more responsive as compared to the aluminum ones. Glass-reinforced nylon is also added in the base plate to make it stiffer.

Urethane and Polycarbonate is commonly used in highbacks which renders them soft and flexible.

Bindings made out of plastic and metal material are better for freeriders as they are stiff and light in weight.

5. Adjustable

Depending on the binding style, you can adjust your bindings according to your needs. A rear entry binding can be adjusted via its highback whereas a strap binding uses buckles and straps to adjust your position. Mostly bindings are adjustable to some extent. This helps you in achieving a better grip.

6. Board and Binding Compatibility

A variety of mounting options are available which define the connection between your board and the binding. Common mounting patterns include 2×4 and 4×4 Disc patterns, 3D pattern and the Channel System.

A 2×4 and 4×4 Disc pattern basically explains the centimeters between bolt holes on your board. 3D and Channel System are both provided by Burton.

7. Components of Snowboard Binding

Before purchasing a snowboard binding, we wish to finally point out the main components that every binding has and that you should know.


As the name suggests, it is a high vertical plate at the back of the binding that controls and support your heel cup as well as your lower calf.

If you are a beginner or a park rider and you are look for more flexibility then you want your highbacks to be soft and shorter.

If on the other hand you are an experienced or a professional rider the highback on your bindings should be stiff and tall so that you get more control and speed.

With a highback, you can also make forward lean adjustments.


You will find that your bindings come with a variety of straps including different toe straps, ankle straps and a one-piece strap (especially for youth bindings).

Traditional toe strap goes over the top of the boot and does not have any special cushioning. Toe cap straps give amazing fit and comfort.

Ankle straps help in keeping your snowboard boots in the right position. One-piece straps found on rear entry bindings are usually not adjustable and they cover from ankle to the toes.


Baseplate is basically the main connection between your binding and your snowboard. You will find that different materials are used in the construction of these baseplates.

At the baseplate a variety of strength-to-flex ratios are employed. Stronger baseplates are durable, give greater power transmission and optimize flex.

Usually a baseplate has cushioning and various injections that makes them comfortable. Sometimes baseplate has canting or tilting in the footbed which gives you a more natural stance.


The heel cup as the name suggest provides support to your heels. Your heelcup should be made up of a textured rubber-y material so that it grips your heels properly and does not allow for any heel movement. A heelcup plays an important role when it comes to setting up your bindings.


Buckles are connected with ratchets and they help in securing your straps. They are available in a variety of materials. You might want to choose one that involves less effort and time. Also buckles should be durable so that you do not have to worry about them properly securing your straps.

We hope that our in-depth guide to the best snowboard bindings 2016-2017 season was helpful for our readers. We wish you a safe and exciting riding experience with your new bindings.